An Energy Perspective on Suicide

Author's Note: Please read this article from a perspective of love rather than fear.

The idea of more suicides can be disturbing, yet simply by understand this energy, you can make a tremendous difference in the world. Even if you don't realize it consciously, your understanding creates a supportive energy for those in need.

An Energy Perspective on Suicide

Recently in Japan, people have been shocked by the growing number of unexpected self-inflicted deaths of people who appeared to be full of life and vitality.

A question often lingers.

Why did they make that choice?

In the wake of their passing, an energy of grief circulates, shared by all those who knew them.

When someone famous commits suicide, a deep sense of emptiness, regret, frustration, sorrow, and pain begins circulating in that society. Even if you don't know them, you can pick up on that energy.

When energy becomes sluggish

Today, I want to share what the energy looks like when someone decides to take their own life.

In general, human beings are a mixture of various lines of energy, which are constantly changing and circulating.

Your impression of someone comes from this mixture of energies. It creates their personality and character at any given time.

In this energy circulation, there are some lines of energy that move more slowly. People tend to find these sluggish energy lines uncomfortable and perceive them as negative, adding their own negative thoughts and ideas to this energy circulation.

As long as an energy continues its slow circulation, there is no cause for alarm. The energy is expressed through a person's behaviors and the feelings they give off. 

They have enough strength within themselves to bring balance to their inner darkness by expressing some of it from time to time. 

When sluggish energy explodes 

However, there can be times when this sluggish energy drastically changes, becoming extremely high-pressure, intense and overwhelming.

This can happen if someone has been suppressing rather than expressing their pain, hiding the parts of themself they don't want to accept.

If the pressure continues, this slow-moving energy line will get triggered at some point and will explode.

When the inflated energy line explodes, this energy must be dissipated through the person's experiences.

Unconsciously, people's actions fall into one of three patterns: directing the explosive energy towards others, towards oneself, or both. 

Suicide is a manifestation of directing this explosive energy towards oneself.

We tend to make assumptions about people based on what we see externally. But there are many people who are repressing their pain, conflict, and irreconcilable contradictions, even though they keep it well hidden.

From the moment they direct their explosive energy inwards, even if they are truly loved by many, they will feel like no one loves them. 

Despite having many wonderful talents and opportunities, a single obsessive thought can trigger a situation where everything else is rapidly obscured by darkness.

Only a dull and heavy light slowly flickers.

An unexpected common thread

Recently in Japan, news of high-profile individuals taking their lives has become all too frequent. 

One thing that's common among those people is that the image they portrayed was invariably positive, sometimes painfully so. They maintained a conscientious image, were always smiling and always spreading kindness to those around them.

Perhaps it was their strong desire to be a beacon of light and hope for others that led them to persevere in their career, even while strongly denying and suppressing any contrary feelings.

Escaping the pull of death

Looking at this situation, the notion of "falling under an evil spell" may come to mind. It fits perfectly with the actions that arise from this energy explosion, although there isn't a literal "evil energy" or "evil spell" at play.

Once someone's suppressed energy explodes, they can only see a world leading to death (an "evil" world).

The strong pull of this exploding energy causes their awareness to be intensely focused on this single point, and unfortunately, it's very difficult for anyone around to help them.

However, it is possible for us to overcome even this intense "evil" feeling that comes after such explosions.

The key is knowing the mechanics of this energy and having the awareness to observe ourselves as energy, rather than staying stuck in our ego's perspective.

Stepping back from the edge

The moment when you can't see anything but the world of death, imagine you're just a ball of energy.

Bring your awareness to your breath and acknowledge the energy state you're in.

This energy is about to explode.

Focus on remembering that this is energy, not you. Repeat to yourself, 

This is just a small part of me, not the whole.
This is just a small part of me, not the whole. 

Even if you can't feel the change right away, keep doing this every day.

Eventually, you will get a moment of reprieve from the world of darkness - don't miss it! Release that explosive energy immediately.

Hit a pillow or cushion repeatedly and use up the explosive energy you were planning to use for suicide. 

Remember. You are your own guide, and by choosing different physical actions, you can avoid the choice of "darkness" or "evil".

When you understand what's happening with your energy in the moment, you can save your own life, no matter what mental state you are in.

Please, remember this.

It's important for everyone, especially for people who push themselves really hard, because this explosion can happen to anyone.

"May everyone around the world live in the present, never forgetting the love all around them or the preciousness of life." -Hisami

When sharing this article, please be mindful to share from a space of love, not fear. ♥️♾️


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